Created on 10 October 2013.

ü   The most important principle of Little Beekeepers concept relies on the product specifications.

The specifications concern:

o      the botanical origin of honey

o      the pesticide and antibiotic residues, which are zero

o      The absence of sugars which come from feeding

 ü " Little Beekeeper" honey is not an industrial product. It is produced in specific areas of Greece and each batch of honey has its own identity, depending on the nectar  in the particular area. The specific characteristics of a honey batch are determined by the local vegetation, the weather in the period leading up to harvest and also the capacity of the colonies (which depends on the number of bees) to exploit a particular blossom.

Since each batch has is own character, we never mix different batches in the same way we would never mix wines produced in different areas from different varieties at different times. Thus we never use any kind of heat treatment (which can destroy the honey’s valuable nutrients) in order to mix different batches or to avoid crystallization of the product, which is a completely natural phenomenonwhen it comes to pure honey.

 ü  In addition, only a mild filtration takes place during honey extraction which results in the presence of pollen particles, enhancing the taste and aroma of honey.

 ü  Of course we do not use any kind of chemicals for the combs preservation but only freezing.