Heather set honey (Κρεμώδες Ερείκης)



Set honey is nothing more than honey that has crystallized. However if your honey does crystallize, you will notice that it is not the same as set honey, even though both are crystallized.

 The difference is that naturally crystallized honey has larger crystals than set honey, about the size of those found in table sugar. However, what we do to make set honey is to grind up the crystals into much smaller crystals, so tiny that the honey feels whipped, smooth, creamy and spreadable. Set honey is a natural way of dealing with the unwanted crystallization of

honey as an alternative to pasteurising honey to stop it solidifying. Instead of destroying precious nutrients through pasteurization, a better option is to control the natural crystallization process.

Of course we never apply any heat treatment to the other types of blossom honey in order to avoid crystallization. But if your honey has crystallized, we recommend using the 'ben-marie' method to liquefy the honey, which does not hurt the quality of honey at all.

Specs: It is totally unheated, unpasteurized, unprocessed honey. Its mildly filtrated so as to keep small particles of pollen and wax, which enhance its taste and aroma.

It comes from a single honey harvest , which means it is not a product of blending various honey batches.

Weight : 280 gr net.