Vanilla Fir (Βανίλλια Βυτίνας)


Vanilla Fir Honey belongs to the category of honeydews and is one of the rarest products in the world since it is produced in designated fir forests on Greek mountains. For this reason Vanilla Fir honey is the first honey to be officially recognized as a product of Protected Designation of Origin. “Little beekeeper” Vanilla Fir honey is collected in the lush fir forests of Mount Mainalo in Arcadia, at 2000m (6560 ft). Its brown colour with the distinctive silvery highlights make it very special in appearance. It is spicy and aromatic and tastes like toffee with an aroma of vanilla. It is low on sugar, which means not very sweet and it never crystallizes. These characteristics along with the fact that it is rich in trace elements , make it perfect for the honey connoisseur!

Specs: It is totally unheated, unpasteurized, unprocessed honey. Its mildly filtrated so as to keep small particles of pollen and wax, which enhance its taste and aroma. It comes from a single honey harvest , which means it is not a product of blending various honey batches.

Weight : 280 gr net.                Order