Having strong colonies at all times is the most important prerequisite for natural beekeeping for several reasons.

a) Feeding with sugar is unnecessary as the bee colonies are strong enough to gather their own nectar.

b) The colonies survive through winter.

c) The bees appear to have much better defenses against disease.

In order to have strong colonies :

ü    First of all I always leave a store of honey in the hive so the bees have a constant supply of food during the winter months, in particular. This may not seem feasible from an economic point of view, nevertheless when there is always plenty of honey in the hives the bees benefit enormously. The colonies are always very strong and not only survive the winter, but also become much stronger in the spring. This secures top quality honey because no sugar is used at all and it is also beneficial for the beekeeper, since strong colonies will fetch a good harvest.


ü    Second I apply a very good health management scheme which completely excludes the use of chemicals. It relies on the principles of biological energy upgrading, in order to prevent the development of disease. This involves feeding the bees for a short period with activated nutrients (honey and pollen). The nutrients are activated through the use of a biological energy accumulator, which collects natural energy and transfers it to the nutrients. Active microorganisms are also used in the nutrient mix for the same purpose.The water used for the nutrient mixture is activated beforehand with a Plocher device for water activation.

In addition to this  I occasionally use homeopathy substances in the nutrient mix in order to enhance the bees immune system.