Created on 05 March 2014.



Beekeeper just for one day!

This event is offered to children and adults who want to learn the basics of bee-keeping participating in our apiary's tasking.

It will give you in a nutshell an understanding of what bee-keeping is, what the prerequisites are to practise bee-keeping and the cost implications of looking after bees.

It will give you the confidence to start up bee-keeping as a hobby and be able to produce your own honey by keeping a couple of hives in your backyard!

But even if you decide that bee-keeping is not your cup of tea, this will be a chance to come close to the magic world of bees, try various bee products and have a lovely lunch in the country side.

It will appeal to anyone who happens to be on holiday in Zakynthos or Kefalonia and would like to learn a fascinating new skill as a change from sunbathing!

The lecturer for this course is George Toliadis, Agronomist and beekeeper

The seminar takes place at our little apiary in the fields, where picnic lunch will be served.

More information

Dates : There are no scheduled dates yet for this course. If you are interested please fill in the “interested parties” form and “holiday form” in the “booking” menu. In the “holiday form” would be helpful if you could put the dates of your holiday and soon we will come up with specific dates, which fit in with your holiday arrangements.

Location : The exact location of the bee-keeping sessions has not been finalized yet. Please fill the “holiday form” and provide us with information about you place of stay and accommodation. This information will be completely confidential.

 Equipment: clothing: Provided free.

 Price of seminar : 50 Euro /person including launch and tea

 For a family of three, 120 Euro total.

 Days : 1 day (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday according to schedule)

 Time : 10.00 – 14.00

 Food : Home made pies with local wine and dessert.

 Material : Leaflets with course summary.

 Number of participants : max. 8 people.

 Course content

 Part 1ο : Detailed presentation of hive residents and combs. Safety issues when working with bees. How to open a hive, what we look at and how the bee colony works.

 Part 2ο : Tasking in the apiary throughout the year.

 Part 3ο : Starting up as a bee-keeper, how many beehives we buy and from where, what kind of books we need.

 Part 4ο : Bee product processing; honey extraction, propolis solution production and making for bee wax ointment.